About the Yoga NOS

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What is the NOS?

N.O.S. stands for ‘National Occupational Standard.’

Skills Active, an organisation licensed by the government to deal with all matters to do with training in the active leisure and learning sector want to create a National Occupational Standard (NOS) for Yoga which would set “the benchmark” for teaching and training. This move has been initiated and also partly funded by the British Wheel of Yoga

We believe that a NOS would generate all sorts of issues and would inhibit the freedom and diversity that we all benefit from. It would also probably impact on employment opportunities for those of us who can`t in conscience let bodies who know nothing of yoga determine what and how we teach. In short, we believe that standards standardise and yoga does the opposite!

It is relevant that Skills Active is an `employer led` organisation. But who are the employers? Mostly the corporate fitness industry – members of the Fitness Industry Association have reciprocal membership with Skills Active.

Skills Active have confirmed that the current initiative has received funding from the British Wheel of Yoga, a organisation who currently run teacher training courses in the UK and thereby have a vested commercial interest in the project.

For a more detailed overview of the proposed NOS and its connection with the British Wheel of Yoga please click here.
Here is Peter Yates, one of the founding members of the IYN and co-founder of the Parkdale yoga centre, explaining why yoga regulation is not only impossible, but also damaging.